Certificates & awards

Home compostable bioplastics

Wherever possible, we want to avoid the use of “traditional” petrochemical plastics and use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. With the SUN CIRCLE concept of using the shells of sunflower seeds for this, we are breaking completely new ground.

Confirmation of our innovative developments

The SUN CIRCLE concept convinces experts:
Within a relatively short period of time we were able to receive one of the most important, if not THE most important certification for coffee capsule and plant pot. In addition, the HOMEcap and the SUN CIRCLE raw material mix have received multiple awards in the segments of sustainable plastics and the environment.
This is for us not only a confirmation of our efforts to achieve sustainability, but rather an enormous motivation to continue setting new standards and milestones in this area.

The certifications of SUN CIRCLE

TÜV Zertifikat für volle Heimkompostierbarkeit

TÜV certification for home compostability

This eco-label confirms the compostability of the product in household compost. There is currently neither a German nor a European standard that defines the mandatory requirements for home compostability. So far there is only one for industrial compostability – the EN 13432 or European standard for industrial compostability of packaging. This standard defines minimum requirements for how quickly a product must decompose and biodegrade under industrial conditions within a certain time. In simple terms, it can be said that the product must have biodegraded to 90% within 90 days at a temperature of 58°C.
The fact that only 90% and not 100% biological degradation is required here is due to the measurement method and the nature of the degradation. In the case of biodegradation, the materials are used by bacteria and fungi as a source of food and are primarily degraded into CO2, water and biomass. The test measures the CO2 emissions, but not the increase in bacterial or fungal biomass, which is around 10%.

As part of the test for the “OK compost HOME” certificate, TÜV Austria checks whether these minimum requirements for biological degradation and decomposition are achieved even under the conditions that usually exist for home compost. The most important difference here is the temperature. Instead of testing at 58 ° C, as for industrial composting, biodegradation at 28 ° C is required for home composting. Even if the temperature in the home compost in Germany is several months lower than 28 ° C, the test means that the property of home compostability is basically given. It may take a little longer at lower temperatures. TÜV Austria therefore checks whether the composting result, which must be achieved according to the standard for industrial compostability, is not only achieved with industrial composting, but also with home composting. If this is the case, the certificate for home compostability is then awarded.


Sun Circle has not only achieved TÜV certification for industrial composting and also the rarely achieved certification for home composting, but also the following certificates:

TÜV Zertifikat Erdabbaubarkeit

Biodegradable soil, i.e. the complete soil degradability (for SunCircle 3092 MIF and 3092MIF T13)

TÜV Zertifikat für industrielle Kompostierbarkeit

Certificate for industrial compostability according to EN 13432


The awards for HOMEcap, based on the raw material SUN CIRCLE

Auszeichnung - Logo biocomposite des Jahres - nova institut

Winner of the innovation award “Biocomposite of the Year 2019″

For the seventh time in a row, the innovation prize “Biocomposite of the Year 2019” was awarded in Cologne on November 14th. Materials that represent a tried and tested alternative to plastic were shortlisted for the award organized by the nova Institute. Our “HOMEcap” based on the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE won first prize among the top 6 candidates in 2019.

Logo Innovation Preis - nova institut

Nova innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”

At the award of the “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019” our OK Compost Home certified HOMEcap i.e. the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE (formerly Golden Compound green) used for the production of the capsule won the very good price for the most outstanding material that is produced from sustainable raw materials in May 2019.
nova-Institut GmbH, an independent institute, has been conducting numerous sustainability assessments for public bodies and industry worldwide for over 20 years and has repeatedly participated in research projects to provide sustainable products for industry and end consumers.

Logo PSI - Auszeichnung für Nachhaltigkeit des Rohstoffs SUN CIRCLE

PSI Sustainability Award „Recommended Product“

In September 2019, the PSI Sustainability Award of the international network of the advertising industry was presented for the fifth time. The prizes awarded for special environmental awareness go far beyond a pure product award:
They also appreciate the overall corporate social responsibility, i.e. the CSR profile and its sustainability profile. In 2019 HOMEcap i.e. the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE (Golden Compound green) used for the production of the capsule won the price as a recommended product.

Details on the certification of bio-based components

Another feature to characterize the positive properties of the materials used for the SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap is the indication of their bio-based proportions. These are listed differently and sometimes require explanation, as the reference value is not always immediately recognized.

Additional Information

No ecotoxicity

Our GOLDEN COMPOUND pro 3545 BO was tested by the OWS in Gent, Belgium, in accordance with the OECD 208 guideline (short-term test on higher plants: germination and young plant growth inhibition test). The test results showed that GOLDEN COMPOUND pro 3545 BO does not emit any ecotoxicity.

Nahaufnahme einer SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap Kaffeekapsel
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