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Feedback from professionals and partners

The numerous positive feedbacks from experts give us tailwind, because they confirm the high sustainable quality of HOMEcap and the SUN CIRCLE raw material mix.

Here are some examples:

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“In addition to the expected, clear superiority in terms of home composting, the coffee capsule from Golden Compound also performs well in industrial composting. All in all, the coffee capsule from Golden Compound is a prime example of the active circular economy and thus a raw material mix with great future potential “

Mr. Michael Carus, CEO of the Nova Institute, Germany

“ALPLA is a family company that thinks and acts longterm. It is therefore very important to us to trigger sustainability in the packaging industry. The home-compostable coffee capsule is an important step on this path “, confirms:” Thanks to our solid experience in plastics processing and our global production network, we can offer this innovative packaging together with Golden Compound in excellent quality worldwide.”

Mr. Nicholas Lehner, CCO of ALPLA, Austria

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„As a family company in the third generation, we combine tradition and innovation, but always with a focus on sustainability and conserving resources. That is why the home compostable capsule concept from Golden Compound / ALPLA convinced us in all respects, so that we have devoted ourselves to this project from the very beginning.“

Mr. Ulli Minges. Managing Director of Minges Kaffeerösterei GmbH, Germany

“Billion is very proud to be able to contribute to sustainability and circular economy with the material from Golden Compound and Billion’s own sandwich technology. The sandwich process makes it possible to have a core material in the same component that is different from the skin material. This combination of both materials offers numerous advantages“

Mr. Korbinian Kiesl, President of Billion SAS, France

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“It is always important to achieve an optimal balance between durability in professional horticulture and rapid decomposition at the end customer. This balance is the greatest challenge, but also the secret recipe of the POTTBURRI.”

Ms. Antonia Cox, Managing Director of Pottburri, Germany