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Our mission

We want to avoid the use of plastic wherever possible. We are breaking new ground with our environmentally friendly materials with sunflower seed shells. We see ourselves as an initiative, a network, a movement for everyone who wants to be sustainably successful. Our goal is to bring economy and ecology into harmony as well as possible. Together for a better future.

The development of SUN CIRCLE

Ulrich Wendeln and Ulrich Meyer’s joint idea of ​​using sunflower shells as a filler and reinforcing material in plastics quickly gave rise to a solid business idea. Together with Peter Wendeln as an investor, they eventually founded SPC Sunflower Plastic Compound GmbH. As a result, the concept of environmentally friendly plastics and compostable materials was further developed and in 2014 Golden Compound GmbH, the company behind SUN CIRCLE and HOMEcap, was founded.

Our goal – maximum sustainability

Since foundation, we have been working intensively on the development of innovative materials with up to 70% of ground natural fibers in the sunflower shell. These are a by-product of the food industry and therefore no competition with food production. In addition to home compostable plant pots, Golden Compound has also succeeded in developing the HOMEcap, an innovative, unique raw material mix.

Recognition through certifications & awards

Besonders stolz machen uns natürlich die verschiedenen Zertifizierungen und Auszeichnungen, die wir für HOMEcap erhalten, da die positiven Klima- und Umwelteigenschaften – und damit auch unser Engangement – von fachlich anerkannten Stellen bzw. Laboren bestätigt werden. SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap ist die weltweit erste und einzige Biokunststoffkapsel mit Sonnenblumenschalen mit TÜV-Zertifikat für Heimkompostierung und hat bereits mehrere Auszeichnungen erhalten.

TÜV Zertifikat Heimkompostierbarkeit
TÜV Zertifizierung Industrielle Kompostierbarkeit
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More about the SUN CIRCLE certifications

Partner of SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap

In addition to the various awards and certifications for our coffee capsule innovation, we are also pleased to have won companies from the fields of plastics processing and coffee production as partners on our way within short time. Nonetheless, we would of course like to work with many other companies in both segments to make fully home-compostable coffee capsules available almost everywhere.

Are you interested in a partnership?

Further information
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The team behind HOMEcap


Stephan Albers

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Reinhard Trumme
Authorized Officer

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André Möllers
Sales / Project Engineer

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Josephine Donner
Sales / Marketing

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Jan Fangmann
Head of Purcharse

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Julia Gluschakas



Katwin Wendland
Commercial Employee


Nicole Gerhards
Administration / Reception


Research & Development

Judith Wingerath
R & D


Theresa Gethmann
R & D


Quality Management

Artur Fenske
Head of Quality Management



Fabian Hummert
Leitung Produktion

Büro Ladbergen
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Maik Haarlammert
Stellvert. Produktionsleiter

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Aleksandr Matwejew

Nils Kettner

Simon Vogelsang

Alexej Matwejew

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