SUN CIRCLE – The raw material, a worldwide innovation!

Developed by Golden Compound

We say STOP to mountains of plastic!

Every day we see and hear it on all channels: Plastic waste has long since become a serious global problem for people, animals and nature. Even if a lot of plastics can now be recycled, this only happens with high energy and collection expenditure. And even then, the amount of aluminum or plastic recycled is still low. Not to mention the fact that petroleum is still used to a large extent in the manufacture of plastic.

In Germany alone, around 12 million tons of plastic are processed every year – more than in any other country in Europe. But fossil resources are finite. That is why we have made it our business, wherever possible, to forego the use of petroleum-based plastics or to reduce their proportion as much as possible.

Our development: a worldwide innovation:

Sun Circle LogoSUN CIRCLE, the unique raw material with sunflower shells and BioPBSTM

After years of development work, the time had come: our Golden Compound team of experts succeeded in developing a completely innovative raw material – SUN CIRCLE – incorporating up to 70% sunflower shell, the bio plastic PBS and a rock meal mixture as a mineral filler.

*) *)For waste disposal via the biobin, please contact your local waste disposal company

SUN CIRCLE - heimkompostierbarer Rohstoff mit Sonnenblumenkernen

Home Compostable

Thanks to long-term development work, we at Golden Compound have been able to refer to several marketable premium products since the end of 2018:

To the SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap, the 1st certified home-compostable coffee capsule with sunflower shells, equipped with the very difficult to obtain OK compost HOME-seal from TÜV Austria

To the POTTBURRI Flower Pot, the 1st home-compostable plant pot with sunflower shells

Drei HOMEcap heimkompostierbare Kaffeekapseln

Industrially compostable or home compostable?

Both products from Golden Compound based on the innovative raw material SUN CIRCLE – the HOMEcap and the POTTBURRI – offer the decisive added value to your main competitors:
they are not only compostable or at best provided with the OK compost INDUSTRIAL seal, but also home compostable. We at Golden Compound are justifiably proud of this, because so far none of our larger competitors has managed to achieve home compostability for their “bio plastic”.

And that makes a big difference:

Industrially compostable:

For the compostable plastic products labeled with OK compost INDUSTRIAL, a waste disposal company needs temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius to decompose them. In addition, there are transport activities to the central waste disposal company, which costs money and consumes CO2.

TÜV Logo Industriell kompostierbar

Home compostable:

OK compost HOME, for example the certification for the SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap, officially confirms that the raw material decomposes quickly already at significantly lower, natural temperatures, such as those e.g. prevail in the garden soil and is therefore suitable for home compost. This saves costs and CO2 consumption on the transport routes.

TÜV Logo für voll heimkompostierbare Rohstoffe
SUN CIRCLE - heimkompostierbarer Rohstoff mit Sonnenblumenkernen

Resource saving

We receive the sunflower shells as a by-product from the food industry. In this way, we draw on an existing, quality-monitored supply chain, but above all there is no competition with the sunflower shells for food cultivation. Especially since the annual production of sunflower seeds produces almost 6 million tons of shells that are otherwise burned or disposed of by other means.

In the production of the unique raw material SUN CIRCLE, the sunflower shells are combined with BioPBS, a biodegradable material that is obtained from succinic acid and optimizes its composition.

Climate friendly

Sunflowers need CO2 to grow, which makes sunflowers a natural CO2 store. Due to the CO2 binding of the fibers of sunflower shells, the fibers actually show a negative value for greenhouse gas emissions. Preliminary calculations show that our formulations with 35% by weight in a polypropylene matrix have a 25-30% lower CO2 balance than pure polypropylene.

Grafik Verwertbarkeit von Sonnenblumenkernen

Environmentally friendly:

Anything that breaks down by itself in your own garden no longer has to be taken away. In contrast to industrial composting, home composting saves high costs for transport activities to the central disposal company and thus also a great deal of CO2 consumption.


The two successful products from the very beginning – HOMEcap coffee capsules and POTTBURRI plant pots – become humus and fertiliser or rather biomass in the home garden soil within 12 months, without leaving any permanent microparticles. This is how real sustainability works.

Renewable energies

We use renewable energies according to the WaterGreen+ concept in our production facilities and offices. Not only the energy derives from renewable resources: at least a third of the power plants are also no more than 12 years old, which is an additional incentive to build newer and more efficient power plants for renewable resources. WaterGreen+ was awarded the ok-power seal of approval by the independent association EnergyVision e.V..