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Important questions and answers


SUN CIRCLE POTTBURRI is a real global innovation: For the first time it has been possible to produce a plant pot with sunflower seeds and BioPBSTM in a convincing quality and with excellent environmental properties.
As with any innovation, this raises a number of questions that we are happy to answer below:

Is nitrogen consumed by the decomposition process or is additional fertilization necessary?2020-10-14T10:43:45+00:00

It has been proven by ecotoxicity tests that the POTTBURRI does not affect plant growth. In a test according to OECD 208, an independent institute * has ensured that the POTTBURRI material does not have a negative impact on the growth and germination of various plants.
*) Institute OWS www.ows.be

How long does the POTTBURRI last when cultivated in the market garden?2020-10-14T10:45:27+00:00

We have made the experience that the plants can be cultivated in the greenhouse in the POTTBURRI for about 10-12 weeks. The pot will keep for 6-8 months outdoors before it is put on sale. The POTTBURRI has also weathered frost and hot summer periods wonderfully. The pot is suitable for many different forms of cultivation, for example also for ebb and flow irrigation.

Are microplastics generated when using the POTTBURRI?2020-10-14T10:46:09+00:00

No, the POTTBURRI decomposes at different rates depending on the nature of the soil. On the way to total decomposition, fragments of the pot are created that are getting smaller and smaller and are broken down constantly. Compared to microplastics, which remain unchanged in the soil for centuries, the pot particles of the POTTBURRI are soon completely decomposed and no longer detectable. To put it even more simply: the microorganisms in the soil eat everything up.

Is the POTTBURRI really compostable in the soil and on the compost?2020-10-14T10:47:25+00:00

Yes, the POTTBURRI is biodegradable under natural conditions such as home compost or with the plant buried in the ground. It decomposes into biomass and fertilizer – without permanently leaving microparticles or other pollutants in the earth. No high temperatures are required, as is the case with purely industrially compostable materials, for example. Nature gives everything for the degradation process of the POTTBURRI: moisture, oxygen and the microorganisms that occur in the soil.

How long does it take for the pot to decompose in the earth?2020-10-14T10:47:27+00:00

The decomposition process takes about 12 months. The material quickly becomes very soft and porous. So, if the flower bed or the balcony box is already being redesigned when fragments of the pot are still present, these can easily be crumbled and plowed under the earth. The microorganisms then break down the SUN CIRCLE raw material into biomass and fertilizer.

What is the end product when the POTTBURRI is finally decomposed?2020-10-14T10:47:30+00:00

When composting the POTTBURRI, biomass and fertilizer are produced. Decomposition can even result in a second use in the garden at home – a prime example of successful recycling management.

Where can I buy the POTTBURRI?2020-10-14T11:24:43+00:00

For horticulture: A request for the POTTBURRI pots can be sent to the e-mail address info@pottburri.de.
For the end customer: plants in the POTTBURRI pot are always available throughout Germany, and also in Austria and Switzerland in hardware stores, food retail companies and of course garden centers. We always keep up-to-date information about availability via Instagram (@pottburri) and Facebook (@pottburri).
We also have good news: there will be a POTTBURRI online shop by early 2021 at the latest, in which both pot sets and, of course, a range of plants in the POTTBURRI will be offered. Updates are also available here via social media, be there!

What is the POTTBURRI made of?2020-10-14T11:25:05+00:00

The Pottburri consists of the innovative material “SUN CIRCLE”, a worldwide unique raw material mix consisting of the shells of the sunflower seeds, a stone powder as a mineral filler and BioPBSTM based on corn starch.
Either way, the sunflower peel remains as a waste product from the food industry, that is up to 6 million tons a year worldwide that are otherwise simply burned or otherwise disposed of. Quite a lot of unused rubbish, right?

What is special about the POTTBURRI pot?2020-10-14T11:25:32+00:00

The POTTBURRI is an alternative to the conventional disposable plastic plant pots because it decomposes to biomass under the natural conditions in the earth and therefore does not leave behind any superfluous plastic waste.
The POTTBURRI is suitable for production processes in professional horticulture, i.e. that processing on conventional machines is possible. In addition, he finds the perfect balance between durability in the production of the plants and the fastest possible decomposition for the end customer.

Contains the POTTBURRI PLA ?2021-08-23T11:54:14+00:00

No way! The Pottburri does not contain PLA compared to many other, supposedly compostable pots. PLA is still only industrially compostable. This means that composting requires at least 60°C over a period of several weeks. However, these temperatures do not occur in the soil.
There is an extremely high risk that PLA will only be “decayed” rather than “metabassed. ” Therefore, PLA can be expected to produce microplastics, which remain in the ground for many decades.

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