SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap: the coffee capsule that is 100% home compostable.

Environmentally friendly. Sustainable. Based on sunflower shells, with renewable raw materials and minerals.
Full coffee enjoyment AND climate- & environmental protection!

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the 1st bioplastic capsule with sunflower shells and certificate for home composting Ok compost HOME.

Thanks to the innovative composition of renewable natural fibers, it is a prime example of a practical circular economy.

Developed from the patented and unique SUN CIRCLE raw material * from Golden Compound.

Multiple awards for their sustainable, environmentally friendly properties.

*)Patent application number 17720442.7-1102

TÜV Zertifikat Heimkompostierbarkeit

The currently unattainable multiple plus of the capsule raw material SUN CIRCLE:


The milestone in terms of sustainability

The currently most environmentally friendly coffee capsule according to the nova institute in Germany

As the certified home compostability and studies confirm, with the SUN CIRCLE raw material capsule, filter fleece and the nutrient-containing contents of the coffee grounds can be used COMPLETELY. They therefore remain in the material cycle and can be used entirely as fertilizer in the home garden without permanently leaving behind microparticles. According to several practical studies *, this is not the case with other biocapsules, PP- or aluminum capsules.
*) M. Kern, L. Warning: Practical tests on the biological degradation of Golden Compound coffee capsules, Witzenhausen Institute, September 2019

Illustration des Kreislaufs einer Bio Kaffeekapsel bei der Heimkompostierung
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Hintergrundbild SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap Kaffeekapseln

Enjoy sustainably with a clear conscience

More and more coffee drinkers want to enjoy their espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato with good environmental awareness and conscience. Now with the SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap this wish can be fulfilled reliably and therefore really satisfactorily. Simply a good feeling to enjoy cup after cup without contributing to the devastating mountains of aluminum and plastic on land and water.

The home compostable HOMEcap is fully compatible with every common Nespresso® coffee machine model. The special aroma filter fleece as a closure not only enables full coffee enjoyment, but also degrades completely in the soil, just like the capsule. This is how great coffee tastes even better!

Tasse mit frischem Espresso

Compostable or compostable at home: what is the difference?

“OK compost INDUSTRIAL” means that a temperature of more than 50 ° C is used for composting, so additional energy is used.

TÜV Zertifizierung Industrielle Kompostierbarkeit

“OK compost HOME” means that the raw material quickly decomposes already at significantly lower temperatures, e.g. prevail in the garden composter. Even in the winter period there is significant degradation.

TÜV Zertifikat Heimkompostierbarkeit

No microplastic particles

Another important environmental advantage of the HOME Cap is that this coffee capsule does not permanently leave any harmful microparticles in the environment, which can be found or detected more and more in water and soil.

Hintergrundbild Kompostierbare Kaffeekapseln mit Kaffeebohnen

The awards for HOMEcap, based on the raw material SUN CIRCLE

Auszeichnung Biocomposite des Jahres 2019 für SUN CIRCLE vom nova Institut

Winner of the innovation award “Biocomposite of the Year 2019”

For the seventh time in a row, on November 14th. the innovation prize “Biocomposite of the Year 2019” was awarded in Cologne. Materials that represent a tried and tested alternative to plastic were shortlisted for the award organized by the nova institute. Our “HOMEcap” based on the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE won the first prize among the top 6 candidates in 2019.

Logo Nova Innovation Award - Auszeichnung vom nova Institut

Nova innovation award “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”

At the award of the “Bio-based Material of the Year 2019”, our OK compost Home certified HOMEcap respectively the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE (formerly Golden Compound green) used for the production of the capsule won the very good price for the most outstanding material that is made from sustainable raw materials in May 2019.
The nova institute GmbH, an independent institute, has been conducting numerous sustainability assessments for public authorities and industry worldwide for over 20 years and has repeatedly participated in research projects to provide sustainable products for industry and end consumers.

Logo PSI Awards für Nachhaltigkeit

PSI Sustainability Award “Recommended Product”

The PSI Sustainability Award of the international network of the advertising industry was presented for the fifth time in September 2019. The prizes awarded for special environmental awareness go far beyond a mere product award: they also honor overall corporate social responsibility, i.e. the CSR profile and its sustainability profile.
In 2019, HOMEcap respectively the raw material mix SUN CIRCLE (Golden Compound green) used for the production of the capsule won the price as a recommended product.

Hintergrundbild SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap Kaffeekapseln

Decisive advantages for coffee capsule producers

SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap also offers important and decisive advantages for coffee capsule manufacturers. SUN CIRCLE HOMEcap capsules

  • allow processing on conventional injection molding machines, i.e. you save expensive investments, no need for your own machines
  • are more sustainable than deep-drawn PP-EVOH multilayer capsules (according to sustainability assessment according to VDI 4605)
  • are more industrially compostable than PLA capsules

Do you work in the plastics processing industry or are you already manufacturing coffee capsules?

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