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Partnerships for sustainability

Under the motto “Together sustainably successful”, we are of course interested in expanding our existing partnerships in the plastics processing industry and in the coffee trade as well as in gaining new partners in these areas.

Existing partnerships


The Austrian ALPLA Group is one of the world’s leading companies for tailor-made packaging systems, bottles, closures and injection-molded parts made of plastic.
Minges Kaffee is our partner from the beginning and sells coffee in our HOMEcap.
Amann Kaffee is a coffee roastery from Vorarlberg and is specialized in the production of the best coffee blends
POTTBURRI GmbH has been creating a real alternative to disposable plastic plant pots since 2018 and has already captured the hearts of major German producers. Green and sustainable, the POTTBURRI is the focus of a trend reversal.
Gebrüder Cox GmbH has been a potted plant specialist for over 30 years. In the heart of the largest cultivation area in Germany, over 20 million plants per year find their way to happy customers via our logistics platform.

Golden Compound GmbH, based in Ladbergen, has been developing and producing innovative raw materials with up to 70% of ground natural fibers from the sunflower shell since 2014.


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