At the moment there is neither a German nor a European standard that defines the mandatory requirements for home compostability. So far, there is only one for industrial compostability – the EN 13432 or European standard for industrial compostability of packaging. It defines the minimum requirements for how quickly a product must decompose and biodegrade under industrial conditions within a certain time.
Specifically, the packaging product must have 90% biodegraded within 90 days at a temperature of 58 ° C.
Why only 90%? This is easy to explain: the test only measures the CO2 emissions, but not the increase in the mass of bacteria or organic fungi. The latter is 10%, which results in a total of 100 transformation into soil or natural fertilizer.
When testing for the “OK compost HOME” certificate, TÜV Austria examines whether the minimum requirements outlined above can also be achieved under the normal natural conditions of domestic garden compost. The most striking difference is the temperature. Instead of at 58 ° C, i.e. with additional consumption of heat or energy, biodegradation must be possible for home composting at 28 °C, without additional consumption of resources.
Even if the outside temperatures in Central Europe are below 28 °C for several months per year, the test means that the property of home compostability is basically given. At lower temperatures it may take a few weeks longer for the biological degradation process to end.
TÜV Austria therefore checks whether the result of the biological degradation according to the standard for industrial composting is achieved not only for this, but even for the more difficult home composting. If this is the case, the packaging receives the “OK compost HOME” certificate for home composting.
The fact that this certificate has so far rarely been awarded to beverage packaging speaks for the raw material SUN CIRCLE, which is allowed to carry this rare and therefore coveted award.


Der TÜV-Austria prüft also, ob das Ergebnis des biologischen Abbaus gemäß der Norm zur industriellen Kompostierung nicht nur dafür, sondern sogar für die schwierigere Heimkompostierung erreicht wird. Ist dies der Fall, erhält eine Verpackung das Zertifikat für Heimkompostierung „OK compost HOME“. Dass dieses Zertifikat bis dato äußerst selten an Getränkeverpackungen vergeben werden konnte, spricht für den Rohstoff SUN CIRCLE, der diese rare und daher begehrte Auszeichnung tragen darf.